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Mindray BeneHeart™ D6
Defibrillator / Monitor

Powerful life saving solution

With a 4-in-1 integrated design (manual defibrillation, AED, pacing, and monitoring modes), BeneHeart D6 puts any unexpected circumstances under your control.

The 4-in-one Solution


BeneHeart D6 offers comprehensive monitoring functions designed to give clinicians the information they need. In addition to ECG with respiration, clinicians can choose 12-lead ECG with full reports, SpO2, 2xTemp, NIBP, 2xIBP and EtCO2.

Manual Defibrillation

Asynchronised defibrillation mode for cardioversion of ventricular fibrillation. Synchronised defibrillation mode for cardioversion of atrial fibrillation

Non-invasive Pacer

BeneHeart D6 offers demand mode and fixed mode pacing with adjustable rates and output. The 4:1 key enables clinicians to quickly select 1/4 of the pacer rate for observation of the underlying rhythm.


In AED mode, BeneHeart D6 automatically analyses the rhythm and indicates whether or not a shockable rhythm is detected. Voice and text prompts guide the user through the process. Voice recording (180 minutes) is also available for case review

Key features

All necessary optional Vital Sign monitoring

All functions are integrated, making it convenient for emergency use without the additional need for a separate patient monitor.

Up to 360J escalating dose energy

Maximises defibrillation success

IP44 rating and impact test of 0.75m

Stands up to rugged use

Biphasic technology

Defibrillation, synchronised cardioversion and AED

Large capacity of data storage

No loss of information

Powerful capacity with batteries

Supports continuous long time monitoring and shocks during transport without external power supply

Mindray Beneheart D6 Defibrillator / Monitor (AED)

Compact design

Easy to carry and easy to operate

Large and vivid display with 4 waveforms

Ensure easy viewing of ECG and vital signs

Reliable in any emergency environment

While the patient is in transit to hospital, clinicians in the ‘rescue chain’ from the ambulances to the hospital, face the problem of finding the best way to pass on critical information to the hospital prior to the patient’s arrival. Mindray’s M-connect Pre-hospital Solution allows the clinician to be involved in the rescue right from the beginning by sharing real-time patient information between ambulance and hospital.

Mindray BeneHeart D6 Defibrillator / Monitor is an industry leading solution with extensive features. To read about all the benefits and functions please view the Mindray PDF Brochure at the link below.

Extensive features

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