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Capsule Endoscopy

Capsule endoscopy has come a long way in a decade, but only now are you able to achieve HD image clarity, and have AI assists to do deliver results rapidly so you can see what may have previously been missed.

Capsule endoscopy OMOM HD

Get the absolute picture when AI meets optics.

OMOM HD™ is now smaller and more powerful than ever before. Delivering enhanced high resolution wide angle images in real time with more evident details and a longer battery life.

With our advanced AI algorithms, Vue Smart™ is at the new technological frontier in redundancy deletion, lesion detection and classification that guarantees easier-than-ever interpretation as well as improved clinical outcomes. 

Industry leading technology

AI powered system

Read more about Smart below.

12 hour battery life

Long lasting performance with increased capsule working hours to extend diagnostic reach.

Auto-pairing capsule

Now you can complete the process of pairing by placing the capsule near the recorder. No input on the computer is needed.

Scratch resistant
Composite Cap

OMOM HD cover cap capsule endoscopy
OMOM HD Sensor capsule endoscopy

2.54 x 1.1cm

High definition
real-time view

Recorder displays real-time HD images from the capsule’s location.

172° wide angle lens

0-50mm depth of field

4 LED lights

Provide even and optimized illumination

Advanced sensor

512x512 resolution
2-10 F/S adaptive rate

LOOK closer

Discover the Vue Smart™ Predictive AI System


Utilising our proprietary AI algorithms, SmartScan processes the raw image files by deleting up to 90% redundancy, identifying and tagging as many as 16 types of abnormalities. 

OMOM HD Smart Vue Smart View


SmartView reading mode presents only the pictures picked up by Smartscan to assist you to efficiently navigate through the full video.

OMOM HD Smart Vue Smart Finding


By capturing the most prominent characteristics of selected images with predictive results, SmartFinding assists by displaying detected abnormalities and suggesting the most likely descriptions.

Vue Smart OMON HD Scans

OMOM HD™ Monitors

OMOM HD capsule endoscopy monitor

Compact Recorder

The OMOM HD™ system make workflows streamlined, dramatically decreasing your preparation time with auto pairing and provides a real-time high definition view.

OMOM HD Capsule Endoscopy Vue Smart Monitor

Vue Smart™ Monitor

The Vue Smart™ wide screen monitor and software delivers a user-friendly interface and stress-free reading experience.

Will AI work for me?

We understand when practicioners are sceptical about AI and concerned about accuracy. This is why we offer supported trials. We’ve experienced it countless times; clinicians consistently discover that the system elevates their ability to deliver more accurate and timely diagnosis.

Concerned professionals quickly become advocates of a powerful new tool in their service offering. AI is essentially a highly diligent and attentive assistant. The results are undeniable and the workflow benefits set a new standard of practice for diagnosis.

Amy Grantham Cellmed

Amy Grantham

Managing Director

Access the research

A multicentre study into artificial intelligence-assisted small bowel capsule endoscopy has been published. The results are definitive.

"A commercially available CNN algorithm (SmartScan) can increase the detection rate of SB findings while reducing SB CE reading times."

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I used to struggle to find time to sit through recordings which resulted in patients having to wait for diagnosis. I have had to accept that human error is a factor and tired eyes may miss anomalies. With AI rapidly examining every detail in every frame, results are astoundingly comprehensive. The OMOM system is a necessary and rewarding advancement in diagnosis accuracy.

I am so pleased to be able to offer this remarkable technology to my patients. It has brought  greater confidence in diagnosis and streamlines the entire procedure.

Doctor Capsule Endoscopy

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