PerSys Medical™ Vascular Access IO



Achieve effective intraosseous
access in under 10 seconds.*

Clinically proven success

When you need immediate vascular access, you can be confident that the NIO Pediatric is complete and ready to use. No batteries and no assembly.

NIO Pediatric™ is an automatic intraosseous device designed for quick, safe, easy vascular access in 10 seconds or less*.

With a 98% success rate, remarkable ease of use, a 5-year shelf life, and an all-in-one design that is safe and sterile, the NIO is intraosseous access reinvented.

Key features

Intended for use in the pediatric population, ages 3-12 years old

Sterile, single-use device

Eliminates the risk of cross-contamination

Safe - No exposed needle

Adjustable needle depth

14mm for 3-9-year-olds
18mm for 9-12-year-olds

Patient-friendly and user-friendly

PerSys Medical Vascular Access IO - NIO Pediatric

Needle stabilizer

No external power source or battery required

No assembly required

Pocket-sized and lightweight

5-year shelf life​

Safe on the bone2

The NIO has proven to be safe on the bone and resulted in zero incidents of bone fracture as observed by post-insertion x-rays.

Easily tolerates common user errors3

A recent study evaluated common user errors related to needle placement and found that even when placed up to 5cm from the correct insertion site, the NIO maintained an 85% success rate.

First attempt success rates as high as 98%1

Initial studies demonstrated an overall average success rate of 91.3% for the proximal tibia and 93.1% for the humeral head. The New York Institute of Osteopathic Medicine conducted an additional study which established a proximal tibia success rate of over 98%.

* Comparison of NIO and EZ-IO intraosseous access devices in adult patients, 2016

1 according to VALIDATION REPORT #NIO-A.V.Report.06 and #WM-DHF-0026.  
2 according to VALIDATION REPORT #NIO-A.V.Report.09.  
3 according to VALIDATION REPORT #WM-DHF-0080

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