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Inspiration Healthcare

AlphaCore 5™

Patient warming

AlphaCore 5™ Patient Warming System, powered by Inditherm, combines more effective thermal transfer with simplicity of use making it superior to other methods currently available.

The Alpha patient warming system

The benefits of warming are clearly undeniable, such as improved morbidity and mortality, lower infection rates, reduced blood loss and less time in recovery.

This application of an innovative yet well-tested and established technology provides significant financial benefits with a much lower cost of ownership than other warming methods, making routine warming of all patients affordable and convenient.

Warming all patients is surprisingly less expensive than being selective. NICE clinical guidelines support the use of Inditherm patient warming systems for patients undergoing operations which carry risk of inadvertent hypothermia: highlighting the potential cost savings and clinical advantages offered by the innovative Inditherm warming technology.

Inspiration Medical AlphaCore 5

There is widespread clinical evidence of the benefits of patient warming for the prevention of inadvertent hypothermia.

Ultimate convenience

Universal matress can be used on up to 95% of operating theatre tables

Easy to use compact control unit fits on anaesthetic trolley or drip stand

Lightweight and X-ray translucent

Completely silent operation to reduce the distraction of background noise levels

Inspiration Medical AlphaCore 5

Unhindered access to patient

Fits under patient with no warming of surrounding environment or surgical team

Suitable for use on patients of all ages and sizes

Integrated pressure relief

Significant cost reduction and management

Economical with very low ongoing maintenance costs

Warm any number of patients at no extra cost

Better overall outcomes and shorter post-operative stays

Safe & robust

Low voltage operation for low energy use and reduced operating costs

Durable, latex-free cover

No disposables and no leaks


Ergonomic and transportable

Connect several warming accessories to AlphCore 5 controller

Full colour touch screen for easy navigation

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