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Mindray mWear™

Wearable Patient Monitor

With the increasing shortage of hospital beds and medical personnel, Mindray’s mWear wearable patient monitoring solution enables clinicians to continuously and efficiently track patients’ conditions no matter where they are, drawing a picture for a more integrated and complete patient monitoring platform for the future.

Medical-grade wearable monitoring

Refined product design and a medical-grade algorithm give mWear the ability to enhance patient safety.

Patient safety is a main concern to clinicians. Wearable devices provide safer and more comfortable monitoring experience. The accuracy and usability of wearable devices, and the reliability and security of wireless signal transmission bring great challenges to clinical application.

To meet these challenges Mindray has developed the mWear wearable patient monitor to better monitor the patient safety and provide simplicity of clinical application in multiple scenarios.

mWear Mindray wearable patient monitor Australia

Full patient monitoring function that fits into your hand


One monitor,
multiple solutions

Reliable Out-of-hospital Transport with BeneVision N1

Enhanced data analysis greatly improves parameters’ accuracy and anti-interference ability. Its fully integrated sidestream CO2 module monitors the patient’s breathing situation by connecting with sampling line directly, freeing caregivers from the shackles of expanding external modules for transport.

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Multi-parameter Module​​

Slide directly into the module slot or SMR of the N-Series monitor providing an expansive set of parameter measurements. When combined with our additional advanced parameter modules, this solution fits even the highest level of critical care environments.

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Mirror Mode

Two-way screen or remote control functionality and viewing on both the 19″ external display and the N1 unit – simultaneously.

Companion Mode​

Connect with N-Series host monitor via cable connection to N1 dock and have the ability for dual-screen monitoring and bi-directional control of the bedside monitor – expanding slot space for more advanced parameters and enhanced ICU workflow.

Independant Mode

Transforms the N1 into a full bedside monitor to support additional parameters, increase functionality and expanded screen settings.

Engineered to perform

Palm size 150 x 102 x 81mm

Ultralight weight of 950g

12.7 cm HD screen

Clear viewing from any angle

Gesture control touchscreen

Auto brightness

Multiple mounting solutions

Cross infection control

1.2m drop endurance

IP44 Dust/waterproof resistance

Up to 5 waveforms displayed

More than 10 critical parameters can be monitored​

Extensive data storage and reliable offline upload

Flexible transport docking solution for air and ground transport

Familiar intuitive interface across BeneVision family

Serves as multi-parameter module for BeneView& BeneVision Patient Monitors

Wired and wireless communications to Central Stations

Connect to 19″ touchscreen display to create expanded bedside monitor

Outstanding reliability

The N1’s robust design supports IP44 grade dust/waterproof resistance as well as a six surface 1.2m drop endurance, eliminating concerns about the accidental liquid splashing and equipment drop issue occurring during transport.

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Intuitive ease of use

  • With one hand, easily insert or remove the N1 from the monitor or docked location in one fluid movement, easing transport workflow
  • Capacitive touch screen supports gesture control that easily switches between normal and large font screen options
  • An intuitive user interface that provides easy navigation, increased efficiency and helps ease clinical workflow

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